What To Consider When Hiring A Dj For Wedding Receptions

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Finding the right disc jockey can make or break a wedding. Your chosen DJ can either pick it up, or turn the party into a nightmare. This is why its essential that you dont rush into hiring someone. Do your research and consider several professionals. Interview them and see if they have the right equipment, expertise, and of course, attitude for the job at hand.

Chances are youll find several DJs in your area; some may be moonlighters, while others may be renowned pros in their field. Some might also have more experience with weddings compared to others. The trick here is not to narrow down your list of potential DJs right away. Dont count someone out if they havent played for a wedding. You might end up missing out on an awesome pro if you dont take a look at his or her credentials in full.

There are several things that you should look into when it comes to hiring a DJ for wedding receptions. For one, you have to take a look at pricing. When it comes to this profession, you can find people who can perform just as well as a more expensive DJ, so its best if you didnt base your decision solely on rates. But it IS good to work with a figure, so you can fit it into your wedding budget. After all, you might end up liking someone only to realize you cant afford his or her services.

You also have to consider experience, because when it comes to a job like this, experience matters tremendously. Most DJs will have a portfolio consisting of the events that theyve covered, music playlists, and so on. Dont hesitate to ask for it, from every DJ you interview. Remember, this is your wedding, so you want to ensure that things will run as smoothly as possible.

If youre working with a wedding planner, you can ask them for recommendations. You can also get referrals from the contacts of your chosen venue. Considering how theyve been working on weddings, chances are theyll have a list of contacts ready for you. Check out reviews as well. These will provide you with even more information about how good a certain disc jockey is.

Finally, dont forget to ask about the equipment. A DJ needs more than a laptop to perform seamlessly at your wedding. There are times when a DJ will have his or her laptop, and then ask you for the booth setup. Some may also have backup equipment, while others dont. There are pros who invest in equipment, while others may have setups that are lower than whats accepted as standard.