Making Romance Work in a Relationship

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Romance is taken by many people for just what it is-romance. But for those who know what it means to be romantic and create some good time out of it, this is an opportunity that means real difference. Face it right, romance is not about sex, not at all, it’s all just about being more intimately close, and it for sure works wonders in relationships.

Romance is more about getting intimate Is romance important in a relationship? Yes, it is very important. Many people think that having sex is romance. No, romance is more than that and is more about bonding with each other and increasing the intimacy levels. It shows how much you are attracted to your partner and how much you care for him or her.

Relationships go dry without romance Is romance important in life? Can you imagine your life without any fulfillment? Well, life would be dry without romance. If your loved one doesn’t respond to your romantic needs, would you even feel like doing anything for your love? Only romance can motivate you to do something for your partner. Romance can decrease the distance between two hearts.

It gives a secure feeling to the partner Is romance important in marriage? Very important! It offers emotional security to us. When your partner never shows his or her romantic side to you, don’t you get suspicious? Of course, in married relationships, romance must be there to keep the flame alive through decades. In the absence of romance, married life would be a dull affair.

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The question about who can be more romantic than the other in a relationship may create heated debates. Nevertheless, anyone can be more into this and the better if he/she brings the partner onboard. However, men are said to be more romantic than women, thanks to one aspect at the heart of their sexual identity—testosterone hormone. Whichever way, a man has to be a real gentle man and romantic, show me a girl who would deny such a fact.

“Men are more romantic,” Fisher said during an episode of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s StarTalk Radio. “They fall in love faster because they’re so visual. They fall in love more regularly. They want more public displays of affection.”

It’s clear that men’s disproportionately better vision plays a huge role in their romantic tendencies. And that visual strength comes from testosterone. Hormones like testosterone evolved millions of years ago to get males and females operating in a certain way to help them survive. Men were the hunters so they needed more visual prowess, Fisher said.

Research involving transgender people also shows when someone transitions from a woman into a man while taking testosterone, they become more visually attuned, Fisher said. Their visual skills improve and they’re more aroused by visual stimuli.

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Men are expected and modeled to be romantic; by whatever they may become of the fact, they are trained to be romantic in more than one instance. It’s no wonder a man would do anything for a girl, if only it will end up earning him the privilege of being termed as romantic. But it does not have to take so much effort; romance is actually in the simple things men think of as trivial.

Men are not born romantic: “I think culture plays a large part. Certainly for me, with a wife who loves films such as Love Story, Princess Bride, and Sixteen Candles, it’s fairly obvious what floats her boat.” So, gals, start downloading your favourite romantic movies and get your guy watching!

It’s easy to be romantic, even if you don’t think you are: “You really need to try and put yourself in her shoes for two minutes. It’s not about spending a ton of cash or loads of time. You need to consider what’s going to elevate her day by knowing you care.”

Romance, he says, is mostly about planning. “Spontaneity is good. And I think it’s an important part of being romantic, but I’ve always been a planner in every aspect of my life. So for me, romance is about planning ahead.

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