The Law Of Attraction – The Secret Of Success – Law Of Attraction Classics: Ww Atkinson

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The reverse of this legislation– which is simply another symptom of its power– is what is called Repulsion, which is yet the other post of Destination, and by the procedures of which things have a tendency to push back each other in the degree that they differ, opposing, as well as useless to each various other.

The Law of Attraction is Universal, on all the aircrafts of life, from the physical to the spiritual. Its procedures are uniform and also consistent, and we may take the phenomena of one plane and consequently research the phenomena of one more airplane, for the exact same policy applies in each situation– the exact same Law is in operation similarly.

Beginning with the tiny corpuscles, electrons, or ions, of which the atoms are formed, we locate manifested the Law of Attraction– particular electrons attract each other, and also drive away others still, thereby causing to spring right into existing groups, mixes as well as nests of electrons which remaining in agreement as well as harmony manifest and comprise what are called atoms, which till recently were expected to be the primitive type of issue.

Passing on the atoms themselves, we locate many degrees of affinity and also destination existing in between them which create them to combine as well as form right into particles of which all masses of matter consists.

For instance, every decline of water is composed of numerous molecules of water. As well as each particle is made up of two atoms of Hydrogen as well as one atom of Oxygen– the combination constantly coinciding in every molecule of water. Now, why do these atoms incorporate in simply by doing this– with the same invariable collection and also proportion? Not by coincidence, undoubtedly, for there is no such thing in Nature– there is a natural law rear of every sensation.

And in this case it is the Law of Attraction materializing in the case of these atoms. And also it is so in all chemical combinations– it is called Chemical Affinity. Often an affixed atom will certainly come in contact with, or in distance to, one more atom, and after that bang goes the surge of the molecule as the atom flies far from its partners as well as into the arms of the various other atom for which it has a higher fondness. There are marriages and divorces on the planet of atoms, you will discover.

As well as whens it comes to the molecules, it is located that particular molecules are attracted to others of the exact same kind, under what is called Cohesion, as well as hence masses of issue are made up. An item of gold, silver, tin, glass, or other form of issue is made up of countless particles held together securely by Cohesion– and also this Cohesion is just one more kind of the Law of Attraction– the exact same that attracts all things together.

And also, underlying the Law of Attraction is to be discovered our old Concept of Desire as well as Will. You may shrug your shoulders at this mention of wish and Will in connection with electrons, atoms, particles– all forms of matter, however just wait a little bit and also see what the leading clinical authorities need to say on the topic.

Prof. Hakel, one of the world’s best scientists– a materialist that would certainly sneer at the trainings of Psychological Scientific research– also this guy, naturally prejudiced against mentalist concepts, finds himself compelled to state: “The concept of chemical fondness consists in the reality that the different chemical elements perceive the qualitative differences in other components– experience enjoyment of revulsion at contact with them, and also perform particular motions on this ground.”.

He also favorably and noticeably states that in the atoms there have to be something representing Wish for get in touch with and also organization with various other atoms, and Will to allow the atom to react to the Wish Legislation is constant throughout Nature, from atom to male– physical, psychological and also spiritual.

But what has all this to do with the Secret of Success you may ask? Just, that the Law of Attraction is an integral part in the Secret of Success, because it often tends to give us the important things, individuals and situations in accordance with our earnest Need, Demand, and also Will, just as it brings together the atoms and also other bits of matter. Make on your own an atom of Living Desire and also you will attract to yourself the person, things and circumstances fitting in with the achievement of your Desire.

You will certainly likewise get into rapport with those that are functioning along the very same lines of idea, as well as will certainly be attracted to them and also they to you, and you will be brought into relations with persons, things as well as settings most likely to work out the problem of your Needs– you will obtain “beside” the right individuals and also points – all by the procedure of this terrific natural Law of Attraction. No Mysticism or Magic concerning it at all– absolutely nothing mythological or mystica— simply the operations of an excellent Natural Law.