The Close Bonds Between Twins

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One of the great things about being a twin is the close bond twins inevitably share. Many twins, when asked what the best thing about being twins is, state that having a built in best friend is the number one benefit. Often times in the early to teen years when a child is striving to find their own identity twins will try to find individuality and resist twinning. There can often also be a lot of competitiveness between twins but later in life most twins embrace their identical looks and traits and enjoy dressing the same, enjoying many of the same things and having similar or complimentary careers. Take the Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott for example.

Even though twins will always have a close bond it doesn’t mean that they will always think, act and dress the same or even have the same health issues. Many outside influences such as life experiences, teachers, television, social media, friends and other external influences will affect each twin differently. The study of epigenetics shows us that external factors influence gene signaling more than anything else and that our thoughts and beliefs affect what genes get activated and which ones stay dormant rather than anything hereditary.

Not to say that some things are not hereditary but points of view about things are also hereditary. How often have you found yourself repeating the same things you heard your parents say when you were growing up? Our parents also teach us their perspectives and points of view about things including what ailments run in the family. Those beliefs can trigger genes to activate and cause the ailment the person believes runs in the family.

Studies on twins show that identical girl twins have the closest bonds of all the different types of twins and that identical boy twins are third on the list of having the closest bonds. Regardless most twins say their twin is their best friend and this stays constant throughout their lives. This may also be one of the reasons twins are also more likely to live longer than non-twins according to several twin studies.

Many twins claim to have very strong telepathic links to each other where they can read each others thoughts and feelings without even having to say a word. This is very likely as many people, including non-twins, have this ability. How often have you thought of someone and they called on the phone a few minutes later? Or you could sense something was wrong and another person was upset even as they smiled and said everything was fine? Telepathy is common to most people but twins may have even heightened abilities with this.