“telling The New Story- A Method For Attracting Wealth And Money Into Your Life

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If you want to attract wealth and money into your life on a daily basis, then you need to change all your negative beliefs related to money. You must believe that you are a magnet for money. You must believe that money loves you. But, as you already know, your positive belief isn’t enough for attracting wealth and money. The most important thing is your vibration. If you want to raise your vibration, you can do that with the help of meditation, affirmations, visualization, etc. But now, we will give you a new method for raising your vibration and for attracting money and wealth into your everyday life.

This method is the method called Telling the new story. What do you need to do here? Simply do that- tell a new story. Don’t talk about how you don’t have enough money, don’t talk about how there is a crisis going on, how people are losing jobs and how soon everybody will be unemployed. Don’t talk about things like these. Don’t do it because the Universe hears everything. Imagine the Universe as a machine where all your words are written down. Will you be more careful now with your words?

When you don’t have enough money, when your payment is running late, when you’re late with paying the bills, don’t think about how you will be late for all those things. Just think about how you will do all that on time, like every time before. Open yourself for receiving the money from some other source, not just from your job. If in this situation, you say I will have enough money on time to pay for________, you should know that the Universe is listening to you and his answer on your new story is So it will be.

Do not allow the other people to lower your vibration with questions such as: How will you pay for that thing?. Simply, don’t allow them to do that. When you answer them with I will have enough money, I will pay, they might think that you don’t care how your problem is going to be solved. But, that’s not the truth. You just know that worrying about money won’t bring you the results. You know that the problem and the solution are not on the same vibration. Thinking about how you don’t have the money you are vibrating like you don’t have the money.

If you have some kind of problem related to the lack of money- don’t focus on that. Instead of thinking about money, go for a walk, relax, turn on the music…It doesn’t mean that you care less because you are not at home, crying over your current situation and saying things such as: Oh my God, how I am gonna solve this?. Somebody who is behaving like that is not a better person than you who knows that worrying about money won’t help you to attract it.