Important Questions To Ask Before Choosing Childcare

Ask About The Daily Routine The one stand out benefit of using a childminder has If you are taking your child to a nursery they will need to adapt to the routine of the school. This usually includes all the children taking a nap together after lunch. However, the staff should be willing to allow your baby or child to adapt to this new routine at their own pace.

What It’s Like To Study English At York

The broad exposure to several durations of literature makes you find interests in subjects you never ever engaged with before. For me, post-colonialism was my newfound love.

Flexibility, versatility, versatility!

Something I didn't expect was just how much versatility the English department offers us. Studying English at York is awesome because the course offers you a great deal of independence to direct your research studies.

Naplan Testing Does More Harm Than Good

The suite of tests that comprise NAPLAN, administered in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9, are planned to measure three things: first, how private students are performing; 2nd, the extent to which nationwide literacy and numeracy criteria are being accomplished at each school; and third, how well curricula are working in Australian schools.

7 years of NAPLAN testing have actually produced combined outcomes.

A Little about Education for Sustainable Development


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Human ability to learn and change is a direct determinant of the global future. This is why there is a need for education to educate today’s world population to call in to action the stakeholders who can play a vital part towards achieving better sustainable development for the good of the future generations.

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