Bombarded With Infomercials – Should I Buy A Cubii

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Lately I have nodded off well actually descended into a deep sleep
and have woken to the annoying sounds of an infomercial.

Bombarded with infomercials at 1 am.

They were talking about a cubii. A what?

These infomercials show older people who seem to have mobility
issues, and who all appear to be overweight, demonstrating using
a foot machine. They appeared to be cycling. Not really going anywhere.
Then someone talks about- a cubii.

I dont know about you, but waking from a deep slumber with someone
talking about a cubii, you wonder if you are hearings things.
Who came up with this name?

Ive managed to see this ad many times now, and am still pondering the
benefits of buying this cubii machine.

Do I need one?
Do I really want one?
Will I actually use it?
Will it further exacerbate the pain in my hip and make it permanently
locked in spasm?
Will I feel guilty if I buy one and dont use it because that is a real
issue with these types of products on infomercials? Impulse buying.

Being bombarded with infomercials late at night, they have a captive
And. Right now, being stuck in lockdown with the coronavirus situation,
we are all prey to these merchants.
They get us when we are down.
And, have nothing better to do with our time.

So, before I take the plunge, and it has not been instant this time
because I have resisted for at least three weeks now, lets
take a look at the features and benefits and see if this
is something I could use.

Should I Buy a Cubii?

The official blurb on the benefits of using a cubii which they
call: active sitting good one, include:

It helps improve the blood circulation in your legs helping reduce
the risk of problems with varicose veins, blood clotting and fluid
It activates fat burning enzymes
It burns calories!

So, you can see what they are trying to do here. They want you
to think that you will lose weight
When really the main objective is to keep the joints moving for those
who are unable to get out and have a walk.

So, the real question is: what does walking do for you and how does a
cubii substitute for walking?

Here are the stated health benefits of walking,

increased cardiovascular and pulmonary (heart and lung) fitness
reduced risk of heart disease and stroke
improved management of conditions such as hypertension
(high blood pressure), high cholesterol, joint and muscular pain or
stiffness, and diabetes
stronger bones and improved balance
increased muscle strength and endurance
reduced body fat.

It seems that the cubii has the same benefits as walking,
it is good for increased blood flow, which benefits all kinds of health issues.
Walking is stated to reduce body fat, as is the cubii.
I have been walking for some time now and this has not happened.
Yet, the sellers of cubii, push the weight/fat loss aspects, which I feel,
is false advertising.

Should I buy a cubii?
Not sure yet. Need more data.

Are There Any Other Benefits of Using a Cubii?
The sales blurb says that not only does the exercise raise your heart
rate. It also works on a variety of muscles.

If you go to the gym, they all talk about strengthening the core muscles.
These include, not only the abdominals, but also, the hip flexors, the glutes,
hamstrings and the calf muscles.

Do I want my core muscles to be strengthened?

Probably, because they hold up the rest of your body and keep your
spine strong. This means better posture.

Why would I want better posture? Well. I know sitting at a computer
for most of the day, I get aches and pains everywhere, and, I am noticing
a slouch.
Not only is it unattractive but it creates much tension around the neck and

Is a Cubii Effective?

What do I mean by effective?
For something to be effective you have to know what your goal is in
actually using this machine.

Ok. So, I really do not believe the fat loss aspect. I think that comes
from eating less.

I have to ask myself why I would buy a cubii. For what purpose.
I think from the aspect of improving my core muscles, it sounds like a
good idea.

From the aspect of increasing movement of legs whilst sitting at a
computer every day for hours at a time, it sounds like a good idea.

The official blurb says that as long as your goal is about getting
some extra movement into your day, its ok. However, they indicate that
you should not cancel your gym membership. Why?
Because it is no magic fitness bullet.

The Real Issue is Will I Use It?

I have read the official blurb and seen the types of people who
demonstrate this product in the infomercials, and even though I
do sit a lot, I manage to get out and do an actual walk every day.

Here is what the official blurb states
If you are worried about the long-term health effects of sitting down
for most of the day, as so many of us are these days, or are simply
looking to keep fit and lose weight at home or in the office, then the
Cubii Pro is definitely worth considering.

See that. Worth considering. Not. Definitely buy.
That is not very convincing to me.
I need more commitment to the product. The passion.
The enthusiasm.

So, weighing all of the information up about this strange-sounding
machine, and knowing my reality, the actuality of probably not
using these types of machines, I am not convinced that I should by
a cubii.

That does not mean that it might be very useful for others.
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