15 Unique San Francisco Wedding Photography Locations

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San Francisco is a beautiful city, known for its world-famous landmarks and its uniqueness that sets it apart from other cities in California. It has a European flair combined with a Pacific camaraderie. Choosing the right location plays a big role in set design for your perfect San Francisco wedding.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the best San Francisco wedding photography locations.

Muir Woods

This is the home to several giant Coast Redwoods which live between 500 to 800 years old. A beautiful place for shooting wedding photography in the nature.

Financial District

This part of the city is where the financial institutions and big companies are residing. To get a great view of the Financial District, go to Alcatraz Island or to the higher part of the Alamo Square.

City’s Panorama

The best place to go is the Twin Peaks where you get a sweeping 360 degrees view of San Francisco. Another great choice is from the Alcatraz Island, which offers a perfect view of the city from the Bay Bridge all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Palace of Fine Arts

A Roman and Greek inspired building with its beautiful park in the heart of San Francisco is just hard to miss. This place is a common destination for wedding photography.

Alcatraz Island

The Rock, a historical fort and prison, is a famous destination in the city. Aside from the magnificent view of the city from the island, it offers several interesting subjects like its untended garden and of course the different buildings which were used during its penitentiary era.

North Beach

Historically, North Beach has been an Italian neighborhood and even these days, it can be considered San Francisco’s “Little Italy”. To get a good view of the place, climb up the Coit Tower or alternatively somewhere near Lombard Street where it is elevated.

Fisherman’s Wharf

The Wharf is a very busy place, people bustling around to get to something interesting. What’s here to be photographed anyway? Look for the colorful fishermen’s boats resting on the dock and a group of sea lions enjoying the sun.

Ghirardelli Square

The square’s famous attractions are its historical chocolate factory buildings, which are turned into museums and shops, and its beautiful courtyard.

Golden Gate Bridge

This is definitely one of the most beautiful bridges in the world and San Francisco’s most famous attraction. With clouds or strong sunlight, don’t ever miss to capture it.

Catch the lively atmosphere in this place. Pier 39 is normally full of visitors looking for a place to eat, shop or just plainly strolling around.

Cable Cars

Capture the historic cable cars, another famous attraction of the city which goes through Powell & Hyde Sts. and Mason St.

Victorian Houses

It will take days to hunt these beautiful Victorian houses but for the most interesting, go find the Painted Ladies which are directly facing the Alamo Square. From the Alamo Park, you can have a perfect picture of these beautiful Victorians with the city’s skyline in the background.

Lombard Street

There√Ęs nothing more interesting than the Crookedest Street of San Francisco. Its sides are regularly planted with beautiful flowers which are colorful during spring and summer seasons.

The San Francisco Bay is definitely an add-on to the city’s beauty. Its blue, clear and mostly serene water is a common place for sailing boats.


This is a very charming place across the Golden Gate Bridge. It has been compared to the French Riviera because of its Mediterranean flair and beautiful views.