The Kanni Sign In The Tamil Zodiac

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Kanni is one of the many signs in the Tamil horoscope, which is a part of Vedic astrology (an example can be found HERE). In this form of astrology, it is believed that God governs the sun, and that the planets and stars around it take care of us and bless us based on what we are doing both good and bad.

Our life is determined by the sign that is rising at the moment of our birth. This is different to western astrology which believes that our life is governed by the sign that is active at that time not the one that is just rising.

Kanni is the virgo sign, and predictions for 2018 suggest that life is likely to be very busy for those people who hold that sign. Life is never perfect, and people are not perfect either. Over the next year, Kanni may find that they need to be less critical of others, to avoid offending those who care the most about them. Kanni may feel impatient and anxious this year, and they may find that if they look to those who care about them they will find unconditional support, and that could be of huge value given the stresses that they are about to face.

The Kanni are about to face many challenges and changes. In terms of love, the changes will be the ones that are desired most whether that is to get married, start a new relationship or end one, or even to have or adopt a child. These deeply desired changes will be highly satisfying for them and will help them to thrive. There may be some stumbling blocks along the way, and those who are young or less experienced could benefit from a firm and friendly hand. However, if a Kanni is patient and willing to listen, then life should be good for them.

In the workplace, Kanni must learn that they need to co-operate with others in order to enjoy success. They need to find a way to restrain their outspoken and critical natures, as the workplace is a difficult environment for them at the best of times.

The future is looking good for Kanni, if they are willing to stop and think, accept the guidance of those who know better, and take some time to consider their prospects and those around them. Patience and an open mind matter.